Videogame Flashback: Unreal Tournament

Before Gears of War was their biggest IP, Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament was battling with Quake 3 Arena for the competitive online shooter crown. Despite Quake 3’s heavy metal soundtrack and grittier, almost 2000AD style visuals, I was firmly in camp Unreal – and I loved that game. (more…)


So You Think You Can Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

Ok, so maybe that title should read “So you think you can survive the first week of a zombie apocalypse?” Because let’s face it – no one survives a zombie apocalypse.

Given how most of us spend our time day-to-day, the odds are that the undead will rise while you’re sleeping or working. But let’s just say that the shit hits the fan… NOW! What would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO!? If you’re anything like me you’ve asked friends, family and colleagues a similar question before, whether you’re canvassing for likely allies, or just through sheer curiosity if that person ‘gets it’. (more…)