ThunderCats… NOOOOOOO!

I was a huge ThunderCats fan as a kid and as far as I’m concerned it still dominates the ‘best theme tune’ category, right next to X-Men. The trailers for the NEW Cartoon Network ThunderCats series has my face pressed up against the shop window, nose all squashed up like a snout. Nothing can beat the nostalgia the original series holds but this anime-style reboot could still be really cool.

After tweeting the recent Wondercon trailer for the new animated series, the below ThunderCats CG short was fired back at me. This concept piece is linked to the ‘on-again off-again, now we’re on hold’ Warner Brothers ThunderCats movie that was announced back in 2007. Supposedly there’s a Snarf-less movie script attached to it but it hasn’t yet had the green light. Even though the animation is awesome, I’m kinda glad. It just doesn’t feel right. The jaw flapping at the end gets major kudos from me, though.

It was while watching the above CG video that I stumbled upon this next treasure. Feast your eyes on the below trailer for a fan-made live action ThunderCats movie. Wait for the 2:18 mark for it to really kick off. You should probably be seated. I’m guessing the Speak & Spell narration is a place holder, but I hope Lion-O’s black leather trousers are here to stay.

Just so you don’t leave with a sour taste in your mouth, here’s the trailer for the rebooted ThunderCats series we WILL be seeing on our screens soon. Embedding is disabled so follow this link to the YouTube vid.


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